The Golden God by Eliza Raine (ePUB)

golden god, eliza raine

The Golden God (The Ares Trials #3) by Eliza Raine – Free eBooks Download


I’ve made a few enemies in my time, but none as powerful, or spiteful, as the Goddess of Love.

Aphrodite’s curse has turned Ares from the man I was falling in love with into a savage beast, crazed with blood-lust and desperate to steal my magic.
Worse, we still have one Trial left to complete in order to save my friend from a rogue Underworld demon, a Trial set by the spirit of Terror.
The more I see of Olympus, the more I feel I belong. I have a past here, and I know Ares is keeping secrets from me.
Is that enough to stop the bond between us flaring to life, to stop the need for him that burns through every nerve in my body?
As we battle against jealous gods and power hungry deities, vicious creatures and lethal landscapes, I’m going to find out just how much I’m willing to give up for this new, fierce passion for the Warrior God. I’m going to find out exactly what true love can do to a person, even one as rough around the edges as me.
But I’m also going to find out just how hard a heart can break.

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