The Goddesses’ Gifts by M.M. Rees (ePUB)

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The Goddesses’ Gifts (Elves Of Alaire #2) by M.M. Rees – Free eBooks Download


Ozanna has been kidnapped … for the second time in as many months, though it appears this time around she’s the intended target. Quite the professional setback for a bodyguard. Her captors intend to take her to meet Lhoris and Lobikno’s oldest brother, a meeting she dreads. Bound tight, with her options as limited as her mobility, she waits for the perfect opportunity to attempt an escape.
After surviving the harrowing incident in Bergellon, Lhoris and Lobikno embark on a rescue mission that is obviously a trap. They have no plan, no reinforcements, and no help on the inside. It’s a fool’s errand, but there’s little difference between fools and lovers, especially when the Virra brothers are involved.
On top of all that, the questionable paternity of Ozanna’s pregnancy is driving a wedge between them, one that neither of them completely understands. Will reuniting with her improve the situation or make it worse?

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