The Glorious Bastard by Sadie Bosque (ePUB)

glorious bastard, sadie bosque

The Glorious Bastard (The Shadows #7) by Sadie Bosque – Free eBooks Download


A Thief. A Liar. And the only man she ever loved.
William survived the streets of London on his own since he was a child. Deception, theft, and trickery were his only allies. He carved out every advantage with his own wit and cunning. So when he fell hopelessly in love with Victoria—a friend’s niece, and a princess!—he knew the only way to win her heart was by lying.

A princess without a country. A wife without a husband.
Victoria came to London hoping for an advantageous union. Instead, she was tricked into marriage by a bastard and a criminal. Now, she’s determined to forget the arrogant husband she once loved. And that’s exactly when William waltzes back, determined to earn her heart and forgiveness.
But can he truly leave his life of deception behind and become the hero she needs? Or is he about to pull off the ultimate con?

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