The Ghost and Mr. Moore by Wendy Dalrymple (ePUB)

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The Ghost and Mr. Moore (Florida Gothic) by Wendy Dalrymple – Free eBooks Download


Joseph Moore is looking for a fresh start for himself and his son River after the recent death of his wife. With the ink already dry on the purchase of a rambling rural Victorian-era home in St. Augustine prior to her death, and family in close proximity, he decides that the property will be the perfect place for him and his son to heal. However, almost as soon as they arrive, Joseph realizes that they aren’t proud new homeowners, but unwanted visitors.

Carolina Braun knows that she’s dead… she just doesn’t want to accept it. Free-spirited in life, her family always held her back from living the way she wanted. Now, more than a hundred years after her death, Carolina is still holding on to the fact that she never got to really live and wants to make sure that everyone around her knows it — especially the awful man that is trying to make an absolute spectacle of her home.

When he discovers the cantankerous ghost’s hidden stash of paintings in the attic, her unfinished business becomes clear. With Joseph’s help, Carolina’s artwork can be released into the world and her spirit can be set free as her home is restored to its former glory. Only now after meeting Joseph and his son, Carolina has a whole new reason to stay.

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