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The Game (Lords of Waverly Academy #1) by Lynn Best – Free eBooks Download


At our high school, the Lords of Waverly Academy rule everything.
Everything except me.
Sure, the five hot and entitled boys who make up the Lords call me “orphan” and speculate on whether I got into the academy on my knees, but I can handle their trash talk. All I need to do is keep my head down and skate through my senior year unscathed, then escape these ruthless, spoiled bastards.
That’s exactly what I do until my grandmother falls deathly ill. Now, the only thing that can save her is the one thing I don’t have. Money. Lots of it.
The Lords are loaded, so when they decide to stage a game with ten thousand dollars as the prize, I know I have to enter.
Yet, the game is ruthless. It might even be life-ending. Unfortunately, they make me sign a contract stating they can do anything they want to me. And I mean anything.
With their sadistic ways, I know it’s only a matter of time before they break me, enslave me, or worse.
But I’m strong. I’ve survived so much. But can I survive the Lords and their Game?

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