The Friendly Disaster by Dineen Miller (ePUB)

friendly disaster, dineen miller

The Friendly Disaster (The Pineapple Club #2) by Dineen Miller – Free eBooks Download


He waited too long to admit how he feels and now she’s found a perfect match. Will this triangle of passion end in calamity or kisses?
Calen Cooper is a master at hiding his emotions. Having been in love with his best friend since their awkward middle school phase, the coffee shop owner is afraid to clue her in to his true desires. But when his bestie’s devastatingly bad dalliances take a worrying turn for the serious, Calen decides it’s time to make his well-hidden crush public.
Emma Price is a hot mess. With all of her romantic escapades ending in an absolute dumpster fire, the beautiful art teacher dreams of one day meeting a halfway-decent guy. So when she finally starts dating a man with a solid head on his shoulders, the starry-eyed hopeful can’t understand why her BFF continually shows his disapproval.
As Calen’s plan to attract visitors to Emma’s show pales in comparison to her new boyfriend’s connections, the besotted man fears he’ll never be enough. But when Emma’s eyes are opened to her platonic pal’s extreme efforts, she wonders if it’s wrong to keep him in the friend zone.
Can a bashful barista prove to a struggling artist that he’s soulmate material?

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