The Found by Stella Craig (ePUB)

found, stella craig

The Found (Live and Let Live #3) by Stella Craig – Free eBooks Download


She walked away to her heart’s detriment. He found out what he was missing…too late.

Lola and Cole, with the help of a few friends, survived the angry ministrations of a crazed despot. But now, instead of celebrating their victory in this torn-up world, they’re as lost as two people can be.
Lola wants Cole to find the happiness robbed of him. Cole wants what Lola provides – a home. Their stubbornness drove them apart but when Lola faces being alone at the end of the world, she turns back to the only family she knows.
Reunited with the ones she loves; she’s prepared to be what Cole needs her to be. But she’s not ready for the group which turns out to be far more sinister than Shepherd could ever be. Fighting for their lives, Lola and Cole must overcome the evil deeds of man or risk a fate worse than death or eternal zombiehood at that.
Will Lola and Cole come together only to be ripped apart?

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