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Crown Prince Silvyr Quilen is the family disappointment. His father, High King Keryth Quilen of Athowen, wanted a son to follow in his image of an elven warlord who rules with no regard for those around him and will do anything to maintain his power. However, the king finds Silvyr’s desire to spend his days in the flowers and libraries to be pathetic and useless.

Despite that, Silvyr strives to receive his father’s approval. On a diplomatic journey to Xeatia, where he was meant to collect taxes and return with a report on their financial situation, Silvyr is suddenly forced to confront the consequences of his father’s actions when the Orcs of Ghizol attack his caravan.
Chief Brokil of Ghizol has been tasked with leading and protecting his people. For years he sacrificed and waged war to ensure the people who voted for him to lead could live in peace. For that reason, the risk was worth the reward. With the approval of the Ghizol council of Elders, Brokil executes his plan: Kidnap the Prince of Athowen Silvyr Quilen and send their ultimatum to the King. Leave Ghizol alone, or have his heir be killed.
Keeping Silvyr as his ward, Brokil finds that while the prince is the most annoying person he’s ever met, he is also nothing like his father who carries the name Tyrant King. Absolutely bewildered and exhilarated, Silvyr and Brokil are forced to confront themselves and each other while the looming threat of Ghizol’s demands hang over them.

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