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The Fixer (City Slickers #3) by P Mulholland – Free eBooks Download


Corey Austin.
Caught on film.
Screwing the senator’s wife while indulging in my favorite illicit substance.
The second Austin son to be crucified by the media. Now my father orders me to clean up and settle down, and commit to one woman. If I don’t, then my job at the firm is on the line.
But I have a devious plan.
Enter: Ella St Clement, my little sister’s best friend. Struggling artist and mother of a three year old, and completely undesirable. I mean, this woman lives in oversized, knitted sweaters in the ugliest colors imaginable, is often covered in paint, and forgets to brush her hair.
But she’s fun. We have a similar sense of humor and she’s willing to be my fake girlfriend, while I pursue the objects of my desire. Easy. Or so I thought.
Ella St Clement
Being Corey’s fake GF started off okay, until I fell for him. Stupid. Let’s face it, a man like that is never going to fall for a shabby girl like me.
Then someone tried to kill him. And that changed everything.
Corey disturbed a wasps’ nest of secrets and lies and now they’re out for his blood.

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