The Fey Favor by Hawke Oakley (ePUB)

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The Fey Favor (Fairytale Mates #6) by Hawke Oakley – Free eBooks Download


Can a tiny persnickety fey and a gentle giant human truly be fated?

Gingersnap is a busy man. As the Fey King’s trusty underling, he’s constantly running errands and fulfilling important tasks. He doesn’t have a minute to spare for love, even if his heart secretly yearns for it.
But Gingersnap’s life is thrown into chaos when a human baby appears out of nowhere on the Fey King’s doorstep—the same King notorious for hating humans and infants.
Desperate to keep his new charge safe, Gingersnap turns to the only person he can think of: the human whose house the Fey Kingdom resides in.
Single omega Edmund runs an in-home daycare. He loves children despite not having any of his own. His efforts at finding true love haven’t worked so far, but he’s positive good things will happen… someday.
And that someday happens when a small man with a funny name appears in his house with a baby in hand.

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