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The Fating by Dianna Roman – Free eBooks Download


I hate Galaxy 6781. HATE it!

One last job. The bounty of a lifetime.

It wasn’t supposed to end with me on a slave planet and my entire crew dead. So, when the chance to escape presented itself, I took it. Had I known more about my fellow escapee, I might have reconsidered.
When Grantham, crowned prince of Ditali, tried giving me some schpiel about how the universe has chosen us to be together, as in together ‘together’, I shot that theory down stat. I mean, I’m not even into males.
Except…now he says he’s dying. Dying in the sense that because one handsome bounty hunter rejected our so-called ‘fating’, he’s literally wasting away before my eyes.
Sad, but what do I care? We’re strangers.
The debris field we’re approaching can kiss my backside, right along with my lack of flight skills because as much as I’m not into males, I’m not ready to die. They’d better throw me a parade when we get to his planet.
Galaxy 6781, I really, really, really hate you.

A satirical, scifi, MM romance.

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