The Fall We Fell by Victoria Denault (ePUB)

fall we fell, victoria denault

The Fall We Fell (Ocean Pines #1) by Victoria Denault – Free eBooks Download


I thought proving myself worthy of her love would be the hard part. If only…

When I left my childhood small town, I had a lot to prove. Now, I have a lot to fix. Namely, my relationship with my best friends’ little sister.
We were just kids when I rejected Terra. Even then, I knew I was nowhere near good enough for her.
I was sure I’d eventually forget her. But a decade later, working as a firefighter, the one flame I can’t put out is the one I hold for her.
So I’m back in Ocean Pines, but Terra’s moved on with someone who doesn’t have my history of bad decisions and impulsive behavior. And as if all that wasn’t enough, she’s sick. I’ll give her a kidney, my heart, the last breath in my lungs…anything she wants.
I’ll do anything to save her life, even if it means watching her live it without me.

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