The Engineer’s Mate by C.W. Gray (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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The Engineer’s Mate (Blue Solace #5) by C.W. Gray – Free eBooks Download


Beck Brackenstone is a simple Grell. He loves his family and friends and enjoys tinkering in his shop. His greatest dream is to meet his life-mate, settle down, and raise a bunch of babies. When he finally does meet his mate, he realizes how completely unprepared he really is. How do you court an assassin? How do you keep your brain from melting when your mate smiles?
Guild Master Beol is not a simple man. He runs one of the most prominent assassin’s guilds in the galaxy and has a troubled past. He has responsibilities and contracts to worry about and no time for a mate. When he meets Beck, that all changes. His Grell completely bewitches him and sparks something inside him that he thought died a long time ago. The problem is that Beck has secrets that even his most trusted friends don’t know, and Beol has some major trust issues.
The two men may appear to be a horrible match, but in truth, they are perfect for one another. Unfortunately the Crellic Queen and Humans First are terrorizing the galaxy and Charybdis Station is their next target. They will need to trust in one another and their friends to end the Queen’s path of destruction once and for all.

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