The Elemental Collective, Vol. Three by Montana Ash (ePUB)

elemental collective, montana ash

The Elemental Collective, Vol. Three by Montana Ash – Free eBooks Download


Your favourite characters from the Elemental Paladins series return in The Elemental Collective: Volume Three. This collection includes two novellas featuring Kai and Willow, as well as Hyde and Mari. Plus, a short story as told by Ryker.

For the first time in his life, Kai has genuine feelings for a woman. But Willow is only willing to accept him in a friends-with-benefits capacity because of his past as a he-slut. He does his best to change her mind but soon learns that it’s hard to fight an invisible foe like trauma. Matters become more complicated when a woman scorned from his past returns to ruin his hopes for a future.
Willow has been burned in the past, so now she guards her heart zealously. She thought she had a good thing going with Kai, but then he changed the rules. Some would call her a b!tch for not falling at the sexy paladin’s feet, but the pain from her past makes it hard for her to recognise love. Even when it’s staring her in the face.
It’s For Charity
Ryker is all for giving back to the community. But a charity event that involves indecent exposure and auctioning himself to the highest bidder? That’s a f#$k no! Luckily, he has an entire Order that he can pimp out instead. However, karma comes knocking when a game of hide and seek with his daughter goes awry. And Ryker gets more than he bargained for when he’s forced to ask Nikolai for help.

As a beast warden, patience is one of Hyde’s virtues. This means he’s willing to give Kumari the time she needs to reveal the ghosts of her past. It’s hard, though, when he’s forced to keep secrets of his own from the human veterinarian. But he’s confident Mari will accept the truth about him because she has an open and flexible mind. Or so he thought. Things don’t go to plan when his powers are revealed in the worst way possible.
Life is busy for Mari. She runs an animal rescue centre and is the only specialist vet in the area. But she’s willing to free up time for the sexy, bearded Hyde. Unfortunately, wounds from her past are re-opened when her abusive ex-husband is released from prison. When Hyde’s powers as a warden are revealed, she can’t help but question: who is the real monster? Her ex? Or Hyde?

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