The Earl She Lost by Lisa Campell (ePUB)

earl she lost, lisa campell

The Earl She Lost by Lisa Campell – Free eBooks Download


He already lost her once, he was not going to lose her again.
Miss Diana Bartlett fled London in a hurry, leaving everything and everyone behind. Now, she lives hidden with only a handful of servants in a remote area. Solitude is the only path in the road she chose to take.

For she carries a secret far too dangerous to risk its revelation.
Timothy’s heart broke into pieces five years ago, when his betrothed left him on the altar without an explanation. Now, a lost soul, he drinks, gambles, and spends every night putting his life at risk.

After a death near-experience, Timothy decides to leave London, to find solace in the countryside. But his life turns upside-down for a second time when he finds his long-lost love.
When Diana crosses paths with the man she once abandoned, she has to keep him away, even if it hurts. Ready to sacrifice herself to save the ones she loves; she is going to break his heart for a second time.
Because there is a reason they can’t be together. Someone who could end both their lives…
A heart can be broken a hundred times. Yet, one kiss can mend it in an instant…

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