The Duke’s Brown-eyed Lady by Maggi Andersen (ePUB)

duke's lady, maggi andersen

The Duke’s Brown-eyed Lady (The Never #3.5) by Maggi Andersen – Free eBooks Download


Love appears when you least expect it to turn your world upside down.

As His Grace, Eugene Felsted, Duke of Chandos, strolls Brighton Beach, he is convinced that after the passing of his brother, Harry, who was both his friend and confidant, he would never be completely happy again. He has convinced himself he is more content to remain at his country estate with his dogs and horses, and need not bother with London society again. Love is not for him. But a brown-eyed young woman skips across the sand toward him, so full of vitality and life, it takes his breath away. She is bewitching, and when she rescues a kitten and holds it purring against her chest, Gene believes all creatures would purr against Lady Mellicent Abbersley’s bosom. Her infectious smile and her interest in him, when they meet again, is seductive. But he must steel himself against it. It would be entirely wrong of him to marry such a girl and remove her to the country where life would be dull. And he had no wish for any other.
Mellie is drawn to the duke on first meeting. But her father has other plans for her. He wishes to join their property with the one that borders their estate, through Mellie’s marriage to Lord Pallthorpe. The families have been close friends for generations. But Mellie finds the baron, Pallthorpe obnoxious. And she is drawn to a handsome duke with sad gray eyes, she met on the beach.
But does His Grace find her too young and foolish? And will he ever take her seriously? But she believes in love at first sight and is sure they are meant to be together.
(Note: This story was first published as part of the Anthology set titled Get Your Duke On in August 2022.)

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