The Duke’s Blooming Love by Abigail Agar (ePUB)

duke's blooming love, abigail agar

The Duke’s Blooming Love by Abigail Agar – Free eBooks Download


All Ellie Windsor wants in life is to walk barefoot, enjoy the peace and beauty of mother nature and spend time with animals. As bad luck would have it though, the orphaned young woman lives with her aunt and uncle who absolutely detest this natural way of living. Thankfully, Ellie still has her precious refuge to hide away in, the cottage that she lived in with her beloved parents before they passed away. Her happiness is even further challenged, when her aunt threatens her with an unwanted marriage that puts her own dreams in jeopardy. Yet, in an unexpected twist of faith, a mysterious and handsome man appears, making Ellie wonder if she can still hold on to hope and know true love. Will Ellie escape the grim future her aunt has planned for her and claim the man her heart had always waited for?

Lord Jonathan Cornwall, the Third Duke of Danby, can hardly bear to be pestered by his overbearing mother who is desperate to see him married. Out of sheer desperation, he frequently rides out in the woods, in an effort to find his much needed inner peace. While riding in his most casual clothes, Jonathan stumbles one day upon a dreamy cottage and a charming young woman. As he gets to know the spirited Ellie, he holds onto the secret of his identity, worried that she would not accept his companionship if she knew the truth. As his profound feelings for her deepen into sparkling love, he knows that he has to tell her the truth. Will he manage to redeem himself for all the lies and win Ellie’s trust about them being a match made in heaven?

Right when the two soulmates discover an everlasting connection between them, they have to face the heartbreaking reality that everyone else is against them. From Ellie’s aunt who has arranged another match, to Jonathan’s mother who insists that he must only marry for wealth and status, no ally seems to be in sight. Torn between their growing love and the hopelessness around them, they soon realise not only the lack of support, but also the sheer adversity on every side. Will the depth of their romance manage to overcome the endless obstacles and guide them towards their happily ever after? Or will they find themselves lost in the wilderness of the threatening shadows, away from the final destination of eternal love?

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