The Duke she Left Behind by Aileen Fish (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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The Duke she Left Behind (De Wolfe Pack Connected World) by Aileen Fish – Free eBooks Download


Can Lady Eliza Clayton earn the undying love and trust of Gabriel Preston, Duke of Beckhampton once again like she had so many years ago before she vanished?
Four years ago, Lady Eliza Clayton vanished on the night before her wedding to Gabriel Preston, Duke of Beckhampton. Rumors ran rampant through Polite Society, each one suggestion a different theory, yet all resulted in the same conclusion: Lady Eliza didn’t love him. Vowing never to bare his soul to a woman again, Beck locked himself away on his estate.
After protesting, cajoling, and crying daily for those four years, Lady Eliza has finally convinced her mother to allow them to return to England from Boston, where they’d been “visiting” family. She knew the true reason for their voyage, despite Mama’s denials. Her parents refused to allow her to marry the Duke of Beckhampton. Yet after all this time apart, Eliza still loved him.
Beck is shocked when Eliza appears in Society once more, and even more surprised to discover he desires her after all the pain she caused him. Falling under her spell, he plans to profess his love when she vanishes yet again.
Should he accept the fact she doesn’t want to marry him, or fight for the love he believes they share?

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