The Duke and his Delilah by Dahlia Rose (ePUB)

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The Duke and his Delilah by Dahlia Rose – Free eBooks Download


In London, where opulence and privilege had often masked true identities, and the evil men had done, Delilah Le Croix shined like a gem hidden in plain sight. While she hadn’t wanted to be there, it was a necessity to grow her distillery settled on the island of Barbados. She had graced the London shores with her impeccable style and wealth, but beneath her elegance laid a dark story none knew but her and one other. As the goddaughter of Grand Duchess Ellington, it hadn’t stopped her from facing cruelty from societies elite just because of the color of her skin. She was coveted, hated, lusted after, and all Delilah wanted was to conduct her business and begone. Duke Julian Blackshire was the man she intended to speak to and form a profitable alliance. Little did she know that the Duke would introduce her to boundless passion and protect her from those who would do her harm. Delilah feared trusting any man and the new feelings inside her, but when Julian accepted her offer, it had also meant he would sail with Delilah aboard her beloved ship, The Sun Catcher. Oh, what had she gotten herself into?

Duke Julian Blackshire’s curiosity was piqued by the audacious beauty who fearlessly took a seat at the able, undeterred by the scandalized offended gasps of the men who sat with him. Julian valued no opinion but his own, especially from men who would destroy anyone or anything for more wealth. Delilah’s practical and direct demeanor captivated him, and he yearned to delve deeper into her world, and their connection had blossomed, defying the conventions of their time. Julian didn’t give a damn, Delilah ignited a fire within him he long thought extinguished. The world outside faded away when she was near, and they became entangled in a passionate dance of intellect and desire. Delilah was a force of nature, a fiery spirit that stole his love with her innocence and logic, yet there were those who would see her a captive or dead to suit their whims. They would die before they’d have the chance to hurt the woman he loved ever again. Their love promised a future as intriguing as the uncharted horizons that was set out before them. Julian had no intention of ever losing his once chance at happiness and to be loved by a woman like Delilah.

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