The Dragon’s Tattoo by Roxie Ray (ePUB)

drgon's tattoo, roxie ray

The Dragon’s Tattoo (Bluewater Coast #1) by Roxie Ray – Free eBooks Download


The clan won’t let me love a human.
I’m the alpha of my dragon shifter clan, and I’m bound by duty.
It doesn’t matter that Skye’s my fated mate. She’s human.
They won’t accept her.
I won’t accept anyone else.
She was my best friend when we were young.
I’ve loved her since I was a teenager.
But I’ve done my best to keep my distance, for the good of the clan.
Enough. I’m the alpha now and I’m done waiting.
I want Skye as my mate.
My clan will have to live with it.
Anthony is not the boy who broke my heart.
I haven’t seen Anthony since I was sixteen.
He was my best friend, but I don’t remember him being this hot.
Anthony filled out.
I’ve been burned by relationships before, and I’m not about to fall into one with him.
Especially since we’re working together. And with his track record.
We have a second chance to start something we missed out on as kids.
But I’m not sure I’m ready to risk my heart again.
Yet there’s something about Anthony that makes me want to take the risk.
Is potential heartbreak worth it for a chance at true love?

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