The Dragon’s Redemption by Roxie Ray (ePUB)

dragon's redemption, roxie ray

The Dragon’s Redemption (Bluewater Dragons #5) by Roxie Ray – Free eBooks Download


There’s no such thing as a perfect match …

All my life I’ve watched my mom flit from one guy to another. I’m not going to do the same. One guy through thick and thin, that’s the way to go. But my Mr. Forever showed me his true colors, so I’m done with relationships. It doesn’t matter how cute Toby, the new hospital nutritionist is, I’m not taking another chance on love.
I always knew I’d find my fated mate.
I’ve heard the stories all my life and I’m not settling for anyone other than my soul mate. My dragon recognizes Liza the moment I see her. Yet despite every story I’ve heard, my mate doesn’t fall right into my arms. To claim her, I’m going to need to earn her love. Her emotional walls are so high it will take a dragon to scale them, and I’m just the dragon for that task.
Claiming my mate may be more complicated than I expected, but I’ll do what it takes to make her mine.

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