The Dragon’s Arranged Mate by Alexa Griffin (ePUB)

dragon's mate, alexa griffin

The Dragon’s Arranged Mate (Dragons of Arcadia #2) by Alexa Griffin – Free eBooks Download


The lycan alpha is my worst enemy. And my new arranged mate.
Wolves can’t be trusted. Least of all their alpha. They’ve betrayed us dragons.
But we need to fight the demons together, so we make an alliance though marriage.
And before I know it the alpha owns my curves, and makes my belly grow with his seed.
I’m determined to hate him, to keep him beyond my self-built wall.
But that wall is showing cracks where he touches it.
Slowly, my resolve breaks underneath his exploring fingers.
But still I refuse to fall for him.
Our marriage is purely political, nothing else.
But he says we have to keep up pretenses in order to foster unity.
And so we kiss in public and lie in the same bed. We live together in the palace.
Soon our political kisses turn heated and his touch burns my thighs.
How much longer before the lycan alpha claims me and his baby for real?
The dragon leaders of Arcadia want it all: lands to rule, mates to claim, and babies to make. And what a dragon wants, a dragon gets, no matter the cost, consequences, and broken hearts…

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