The Don’s Deadly Assassin by Amber Row (ePUB)

don's deadly assassin, amber row

The Don’s Deadly Assassin by Amber Row – Free eBooks Download


I was sent to kill the Mafia Don. I never expected to fall for him.

In the darkest corners of the world, I’m known as the Huntress:
The world’s deadliest assassin.
Finding a golden arrow on my last mission, I take it as a souvenir.
My next target: Vincenzo, a dangerous Mafia Don.
Before I could complete the kill, the tip of the arrow penetrates my skin.
Instantly, I see him in a new light.
The way his eyes feast on every inch of my curves,
like a hungry wolf, ready to devour its prey.
His skin illuminates in the moonlight as his lips becomes my new target.
My killer instincts vanish, giving birth to a primal need to protect him at all costs.
But this comes with a deadly price: a $10 million bounty on my head.
Now, assassins from every corner of the globe are coming to collect

It’s a hunt to the death, where each stolen kiss could be our last.
And now that I’ve found something worth dying for…I’ll unleash hell to keep it alive.

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