The Devil’s Baby by Jess Thick (ePUB)

devil's baby, jess thick

The Devil’s Baby by Jess Thick – Free eBooks Download


The Devil’s son needs a mother…and she’s just shown she’s the perfect fit.

Mari: Who knew grad school in England would lead to rescuing an abandoned baby? He’s small, cold, and too quiet. Maternal instinct kicks in.
When thugs grab us, my Mama Bear is coming out, but this isn’t just some random infant. He’s the newborn heir of the Bellomo Italian Mafia empire, and his father has no intentions of letting me go.
Nico Bellomo is possessive, dominating, and proud. He gets what he wants, and as far as he’s concerned, his son needs a new mother, and I’m a perfect fit.
Nico: Mari Hale is a stranger. A foreign university student who has no connection to my world — but she saved my son, and that makes her mine.
Seeing my baby in her arms feels right.
With my ex on the run and another mafia after my son, I need her. I say it’s for his sake. Claim I’ll let her go.
It wouldn’t be the first time the Devil lied.

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