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The Devilish Santa (Club Devil’s Cove #10) by Linzi Basset – Free eBooks Download


Get ready for your mind to be blown as I invite you to visit a favorite BDSM Club of mine, the decadent and devilish CLUB DEVIL’S COVE in Washington DC. True to the nature of the owners and Masters of the club, this story is filled with decadent, delicious Dominants and sassy subs. Jaxon Brodie is the son of Ethan Brodie, one of the Masters in the original series. This is a short novella where his story picks up fifteen years later…

He had the body of Goliath,
The looks of Adonis,
And the eyes of the Devil.
Lois Rickett wasn’t the kind of woman to wait for opportunities to come to her. The gorgeous Dom who caught her as she stumbled on the stairs heading into the exclusive Club Devil’s Cove, begged for her attention. This was one opportunity she was going to embrace with the same passion she did with everything in life. If only for a couple of hours, the Devilish Santa was going to be hers.

She had the body for sin,
The face of Aphrodite.
And the passion for lust.
Jaxon Brodie was the product of betrayal and violence that had paved the way for the man he became. On an extended leave of absence from the military, he had come home to reconnect with his former life. And that’s when he found her; a sassy sub who begged to be taught a lesson.

The question that hung unanswered in his mind as the night wore on was, who was the predator and who was the prey? In the end it really didn’t matter. This sensual tauntress awakened the devil in him. If only for a couple of hours, she was going to be all his.

Unbeknownst to both, their emotional circuitry tilted into overdrive. What now? Would one night be enough?

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