The Devil Goes to Washington by Michelle Moncrieff (ePUB)

devil goes washington, michelle moncrieff

The Devil Goes to Washington (Wife for Hire Agency) by Michelle Moncrieff – Free eBooks Download


Fake Marriage, 2nd Chance, Enemies to Lovers, Secret Baby Romance

What lengths is Senator Michael Harding willing to go for his political dreams? When his first-class campaign team says he needs to get married to present the right image now that he’s been short-listed as a vice-presidential candidate, he agrees. Anything is tolerable for a period of time, especially when carefully negotiated. But when the woman they choose is the gold-digging ex who deserted him when he needed her most, he has to draw the line.
Is a long-awaited lifeline, worth submitting to the devil himself? For Ava D’ambrogio Burgh, this marriage deal is the only way she can give her son the care he needs. She was shattered when Michael destroyed their relationship but she’s prepared this time. She knows what to expect and she can endure anything for the sake of her son.

Will Michael and Ava be able to convince the world that they are in love without forgetting that they are enemies for a reason?

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