The Demon Lord’s Promise by Viola King (ePUB)

demon lord's promise, skye wilson

The Demon Lord’s Promise (Rise Of The Demon Lords #3) by Viola King, Skye Wilson – Free eBooks Download


Hell hath no fury like a demon lord protecting his child…

A Prince of Hell is after my unborn baby. And since I found out that I’m half demon, I suspect that my mother is involved somehow—except I have no idea who she is.
Caezar, a sinfully sexy demon lord and father of my child, has vowed to protect us. Only Caezar has his own problems trying to earn his place in the demon world again.
The King has ordered Caezar to begin collecting souls again but when the King suddenly becomes ill, Caezar suspects that Ortega, the Prince of Hell, is behind it.
If we can’t stop Ortega and find answers about my mother soon, who knows what sort of evil plans he has in store for us and our child.
The one thing I do know is that Caezar will go to hell and back to protect us…

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  • The Demon Lord’s Promise – Viola King, Skye Wilson ePUB



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