The Degradation of Shelby Ann by Emma Cole (ePUB)

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The Degradation of Shelby Ann by Emma Cole – Free eBooks Download


He was dark and handsome; charming, older, and rich.
She was the young and pretty girl, infatuated with a suave man who didn’t exist.

Leaving home and burning her bridges, Shelby Ann was cocooned in the gloss of high society— the devil in a suit at her side. But beyond acquiring the skill and poise to pull off being a trophy wife, she would discover that all is not as it seemed.
With the honeymoon over, the dirt and grime seeped through the loving facade to reveal the monsters that lie beneath.
Dark and depraved, this series will twist in ways you won’t see coming to reveal an anti-hero in disguise, dirty deeds in plain sight, and shocking secrets that will leave you cringing inside.

*18+ for mature content. RH as the series progresses. Warning: dark content, violence, drug use, dub/noncon, multiple gender pairings, plus some things I won’t spoil yet, but aren’t for anyone with reading restrictions.

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