The Day My Husband Left by Amy Miller (ePUB)

day my husband left, amy miller

The Day My Husband Left by Amy Miller – Free eBooks Download


The picture holds all the answers. But can she piece together the clues?

At the moment he knows he is dying, Johnny Eagle takes a photograph, which is later discovered by his heartbroken wife, Heidi. Heidi pores over the image and sees a busy street scene and a pavement full of strangers – she has no idea what this last message from her beloved husband could mean.

Heidi has spent her days – and her years – giving cherished old furniture a second chance. But there are some parts of Heidi’s own life she believes are beyond repair. Secrets that Heidi and Johnny kept throughout their long marriage. Things that they were never brave enough to speak about, not even to each other.

All Heidi knows now is that this picture of her husband’s final moments is where she has to start looking for clues, and when she visits the busy street from the photograph, Heidi finally comes face to face with the person she’s been waiting to meet her entire life. But are they ready to meet her?

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