The Daughters of Avalon by Tanya Anne Crosby (ePUB)

daughters of avalon, tanya anne crosby

The Daughters of Avalon: The Complete Collection by Tanya Anne Crosby – Free eBooks Download


It has been fourteen years since King Stephen seized the English throne. England is fraught with tensions. Loyalties are uncertain, and magic is a force in the land. Follow the story of the Pendragon sisters and the men who will help them wrest England from the forces of evil.

The King’s Favorite: Fearing her “gifts” will be used to defeat her sister Matilda, Elspeth Pendragon escapes the Black Mountain priory that has sheltered her and her sisters since their father’s death, only to find herself indebted to, of all men, a Scotsman, whose loyalties are in question…

A Winter’s Rose: Facing the grim prospect of a forced marriage to a feckless minion of King Stephen’s, Rosalynde, the defiant youngest daughter of Morwen Pendragon takes matters into her own hands. With the help of her mother’s spell book and a stolen wimple, she disguises herself as a plain, matronly nun and flees her loveless fate…

Fire Song: Praised for her beauty and grace, deep down, Seren Pendragon fears a tempest rising inside her. Her mother is a witch, her sisters are in peril, and she has been promised to a beast of a man who’s already murdered one king. When she and her youngest sister seize the opportunity for escape neither realizes how much their struggle will cost, and it will take a tragedy to unleash Seren’s inner fire and true nature.

Lord of Shadows: Rhiannon’s destiny is fated from the moment of her birth. She and her dewine sisters must defeat an ancient evil, or Britain itself will go the way of Avalon. Her sisters and their champions have set the stage for a final, epic battle against the Witch Goddess Cerridwen, but Rhiannon can only fulfill her destiny if she can win the heart of the Lord of Shadows, the man who holds her prisoner.

This set includes four complete novels in a limited-time collection.

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