The Crimson Thread by Aspen Kilgore (ePUB)

crimson thread, aspen kilgore

The Crimson Thread (Embers of Nia #1) by Aspen Kilgore – Free eBooks Download


Sisters Elle and Gingel live a cruel existence, barely scratching out a living from their homestead. Forced to flee their comfortable life and trying to care for what remains of her shattered family, Elle uses her wits and determination to keep them afloat. Her greatest challenge arises when a tragic mishap casts Gingel into the path of an inescapable specter, one who carries an eternal thread connecting himself to her.

The enigmatic Eth seems implacable in his duty to take Gingel from this world to the next. Yet, setting out on a desperate quest to change fate, Elle and Eth find themselves tangled in a web of secrets and shadows, bound together by a hope that flickers in the darkness.

With time slipping through her grasp, Elle is caught between two profound loves. Confronting her deepest fears, which heart-wrenching choice will she make?

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