The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby by Holly Rayner (ePUB)

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The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby (Christmas Treats #4) by Holly Rayner – Free eBooks Download


I was used to spending the holidays alone,
Then he came along, Stetson and all, my very own cowboy for Christmas.
Little did he know, he changed both of our lives forever.
Because I’m pregnant, but this cowboy daddy’s already made for the hills!
Gwen Carrington is taking Christmas into her own hands. Having grown up without a family, she’s used to spending the holidays alone. So this year, she thought, why not spend it in paradise?
As for the tall, dark and handsome cowboy sitting at the end of the bar? Yeah, he might just be the cherry on top.
Hundreds of miles away from the stresses of their normal lives, the two have a few blissful days together, until it becomes apparent that Clay is hungry for nothing more than a holiday fling. He’s gone before New Year’s, and Gwen is left trying to content herself with memories of that one perfect Christmas.
As it turns out, fate has other plans. No sooner has she returned home, Gwen realizes she’s pregnant – and she doesn’t even know the father’s last name! As a cop, Gwen is pretty skilled at finding people, but the search for her one-time lover will turn out to be anything but straightforward – namely because this cowboy doesn’t want to be found.
Will she track him down in time? Will they get to be the family she’s always wanted, but never quite had?

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