The Cottage by Ariana Nash (ePUB)

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The Cottage (The Prince’s Assassin #3.5) by Ariana Nash – Free eBooks Download


A hot novella that takes place after the main trilogy.

Vasili has a new life and a new name. Niko just wants his prince to be happy.
But when has Vasili made anything easy?


The more Niko tries to to carve out a perfect life, the more Vasili pulls away. Niko has one last chance to save them, one surprise that will cement their love forever or have it crumble to dust.


Vasili knows Nikolas is lying. If that weren’t insulting enough, he also understands why. What can he offer Nikolas, but nightmares and trauma? Nikolas needs a good man for his good heart. As much as Vasili desperately wants to keep Nikolas close, he also knows he doesn’t deserve him. But how to tell the only man he’s ever truly loved that it’s over?


The Cottage is a hot romantic 30k word novella that takes place after the main events in the trilogy. There is ‘misunderstanding angst’, but it ends in a HEA. Contains graphic sex. 18+ only. Triggers: Reference to past rape (not described), knife play.

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