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The Complete Always Series by Lindsay Becs – Free eBooks Download


This series is sure to give you all the feels while making you laugh out loud! Don’t miss the journey of this family as they follow their paths toward love. They will each give you something so different and uniquely them. Each book is about a different couple and can be read as standalones, but the family timeline continues on throughout each one.

All five full-length novels from the Always Series, a bonus epilogue for Always and the first chapter of Dance in the Balance, an Always Series spin-off book.

Always (Always Series: Book One):
Meet Josie and Travis and follow them as they choose the rough road of unconventional love in this taboo romance. Not all loves are the same and theirs proves just that. Don’t believe me? Ask Trav’s best friend and Josie’s son… Their story is sweet and sexy and fun and so different.

Always There (Always Series: Book Two):
Sexy Doctor Oliver Duncan met his match in Bexley Morgan. This one-night stand flips both of their lives upside-down. Proof that you can never be certain who will walk through your door next.

Promise Me Always (Always Series: Book Three):
Tatam Duncan is a force to reckon with her hard exterior and take no bullshit attitude. That is until the sexy British motorcycle racer, and namesake to the company, Benton King shows up and tries to bust through all her walls.

Always You (Always Series: Book Four):
Penny didn’t know what she needed to feel secure until the boy next door climbed through her window. But when they both are given opportunities that separate them what happens next? All Jesse Jones hopes is that it isn’t too late.

After Always (Always Series: Book Five):
After your world crashes before you and there is no way to stop it from crumbling, how do you move forward? Are you supposed to even if you feel numb and unable to feel much of anything? Time keeps moving and with it, things change. But can I accept the change?

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