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The Companion (It’s Just Us Here #2) by Christopher X Sullivan – Free eBooks Download


An asexual man has met a male model… and they became fast friends.
The summer has been magical so far for both Mark and Chris. Their friendship has grown naturally and quickly, but now it will be tested in ways that go beyond casual friendship.
Both men are generally tight-lipped about their internal struggles. Can they be trusting enough to evolve from mere friends to something deeper?
Mark, the globe-trotting man who usually treats friends as accessories to be changed with the seasons…
finds Chris to be a steadying, consistent companion. He sees something in Chris that is so tantalizing… and starts to dream of a settled future that he used to mock.
Chris, the often reserved writer who always seeks to avoid confrontations…
enjoys Mark’s youthful, untroubled personality and is unable, or unwilling, to guard his heart around the straight-acting model. Chris has always felt the most comfortable in friendships with straight men and lesbians… because then there’s no chance of sexual pressure.

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