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When my label asked who I wanted as my next tour’s opener, I gave them the one name I knew they’d never be able to land—Collette.
Except, they did. And now the veteran popstar is here, on the road with me, opening up more than just my show.
My eyes? Still half-mast and bloodshot but finally seeing what everyone’s been hiding from me.
My chest? Cracked down the middle, feeling what I’ve been hiding from me.
My head? Yeah, she’s there, too, getting me higher than the thick-a** cloud of smoke permanently filling my bus.
Her mind? Well… Thanks to her ex, Collette doesn’t actually f*ck with celebrities anymore, but I’ve never met a rule I couldn’t ignore, remix, or straight up break.
The woman whose posters used to line my teenage walls needs me to step up and be more, not just for her but also her own teen son, so I will be…as soon as I figure out how.
Guess Imma have to freestyle this sh*t.
Make sure you get a good seat; the show’s about to start.

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