The Cold Northen Winds by Sarah Ray (ePUB)

cold northern winds, sarah ray

The Cold Northen Winds by Sarah Ray – Free eBooks Download


Can love offer in the past ……. Be a new future?When an ancient incantation whisked her away back hundreds of years from a rapidly evolving America to the heart of a rural area, she has never even heard of called the Northern Islands, the only thought on Rowena’s mind was how to find her way back – that is until she met a dashing local by the name of Jonathan Havern. Although her desire to go back to her old life diminished with time, she was constantly reminded of the familiar face she had left behind. When the pair embark on a journey to find what they had lost, they both discover more about the world, themselves, and each other than they ever thought possible.They find themselves time-traveled to World War 2 (WW2) in the middle of the Vietnam war. Jonathan engaged in an altercation with the police.With all these happenings Jonathan finds another ward of Jonathan’s from the past Can Rowena settle back into the future, enjoying her usual way while Jonathan can see what impact he can do until it’s time to return to his own age once again?

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