The Clash of Yesterday by Sawyer Bennett (ePUB)

clash of yesterday, sawyer bennett

The Clash of Yesterday (Chronicles of the Stone Veil #0.5) by Sawyer Bennett – Free eBooks Download


A feud that spans thousands of years.

There is a hatred born of betrayal and rooted deep throughout the centuries and I loathe him simply because of his ties. That will never change no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in.

They say there is a thin line between love and hate.

While bad blood may have started in our home realm of Brevala long before I was ever born, I am expected to stand strong with my people against our sworn enemies. And given that we’re both immortal Light Fae, we have centuries ahead of ourselves to continue hating each other.

A clash of rivals the world never saw coming.

An unexpected favor leads us into dangerous territory as we travel from modern day Seattle to the realm of Faere. If our families learn what we have done, we risk our safety. If we admit to ourselves what we’ve done, we risk our hearts. Throughout the years, we have stoked the flames of anger, but this carnal inferno might just burn us all.

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