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The Christmas Love Column by Katie Bachand – Free eBooks Download


Francis, the Christmas Love Column writer, is gearing up for another year of Christmas and her famous Love Column. It’s all festive dinners with friends, holiday decorating, long and slow winter walks with her dog, Dickens, and wondering what she’s going to do when her secret muse decides this is the last year she’s going to share her love stories with Francis. So she definitely doesn’t have time for any distractions, especially a fancy photographer that’s been assigned to her column for the season.
Jacob McCormick is in town to visit his grandmother and to embark on a new, exciting career opportunity. Two birds, one stone. Or, two turtle doves, one snowball. As far as he’s concerned, he just wants to get out there and do what he does best: take photographs that will turn heads, make people think, or even fall in love.
In a fun, completely adorable meet-cute, Francis and Jake feel the sparks flying from the first second the meet. Hearts are pounding, Lourdes are leaping, and ladies are dancing. Until one, tiny little argument turns them both into the Grinch. The most they can hope for is to avoid each other until Jake jet-sets off into a world that makes Francis green with envy.
Forcing their minds off of what could have been, and into their work seems the best thing to do–until they show up for work and realize he is her new photographer. And, as they both learn quickly, it’s really hard to work with an impossibly attractive partner when you’re trying to ignore them.

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