The Centaur in My Valley by L.V. Lane (ePUB)

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The Centaur in My Valley (Coveted Prey #11) by L.V. Lane – Free eBooks Download


My mother always said I shouldn’t have married him and when I discover my lazy scoundrel of a husband plotting with his lover to rob me blind, then kill me, I find out why.
So I run.
And that’s when they find me.
Leering raiders, my ‘husband’ abandons me to their tender mercies when the true master of the forest comes upon us.
Tall, muscular beyond belief, and possessing a deadly grace, he scatters the criminals who threaten to do everything my husband had planned.
I fall to my knees, babbling my gratitude… only to discover the cost of his aid.
I must become his for a moon month. My body shivers, but is that in fear or anticipation? Because I’ve heard stories about the women who succumb to the beasts of the forest, and I’m determined that I won’t be the one to join them.

The Centaur in My Valley is a sweet and spicy story set in the Coveted prey universe.

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