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The Candy Capers by Katy Berritt – Free eBooks Download


Fred Jones, owner of world-famous Contessa Chocolates, has been murdered while relaxing in his Barca-lounger. Stepdaughter Candace McCready is devastated by the death of the stepfather she adored. As his righthand woman, she’s worked side-by-side with him for the last dozen years so she fully expects to inherit the business as he promised.
Big Surprise! Fred changed his mind and left it to his son Gabe despite the fact he disinherited him years ago. Too bad Candace can’t do the same to the man who, once upon a time, stole her heart then dumped her without a word.
The only good news is that Fred left Candace the Recipe, the secret to the company’s billion-dollar sales. The bad news is the Recipe has mysteriously disappeared.
Will former sweethearts Candace and Gabe ever find the Recipe? Will they be able to rekindle their lost love while hunting for a killer before the killer finds them?
The race is on to find the answers as bumbling detectives Candace and Gabe investigate the suspects, who could be any one of Fred’s five ex-wives, his brother Mr. Toad, and his son, the Tadpole, a Mafioso boyfriend, or even, gasp, the butler.

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