The Butcher and His Boy by Laura Lascarso (ePUB)

butcher boy, laura lascarso

The Butcher and His Boy (Virtuous Sinners) by Laura Lascarso – Free eBooks Download


Known only as the Butcher, John’s “special deliveries” usually arrive at his doorstep already deceased. But when a young man is brought to him, brutally injured and barely clinging to life, John bucks the Hand’s authority in order to save him. If he can keep the boy a secret from the criminal empire, he might be able to keep him out of harm’s way.
Bayani has no idea how he wound up in this apartment, woken to the tender care of a handsome stranger. Equal parts terrified and intrigued, Bayani must learn to navigate new surroundings, as well as his burgeoning feelings for his strong and capable caretaker…all while being hunted by his ruthless and sadistic ex who wants him back, dead or alive.
THE BUTCHER AND HIS BOY is a 35K companion novella to a previous published work, NIGHTINGALE, as part of the Virtuous Sinners multi-author series. They can be read separately and in any order.
Trigger warnings for depictions of violence and flashbacks of abuse, torture, and sexual assault. This slow-burn, age-gap romance explores the theme of hurt/comfort and culminates in a happy ending.

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