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The Bust by Jamie Bennett – Free eBooks Download


Kayden Matthews messed up.

But this time, it’s huge. He’s out of professional football. He’s out of his family. He’s out of money.
The party’s over. He’s a bust.
The only thing he has going for him is that he still has his arm. In other words, he can still play—if any team would have him. But if they look at his past behavior, the wild times that got him into this current situation? Chances are nil that he’ll ever get back on a field.
Yeah, done. And what else is there in life besides football and the party that went along with it?
Well, he does have one other thing. That girl he met—Karol? Kristina? No, Kylie! That weird woman who lives with her old dog and treats it like another human. Somehow, and before he really knows it, they do get to be friends. Somehow, she seems to like him, no matter if he is finished in football, washed up, alone. Lonely.
Well, maybe Kylie is, too. Of course, she has her dog, and she doesn’t really need anyone else—that’s what she keeps saying, anyway. She’s looking for adventure and she’s never going to stay long in one place, no matter how good it is. Circumstances are pulling her onwards, and she has to go, no matter what she’s leaving behind.
Kayden and Kylie are nothing alike. In fact, they’re so opposite, they shouldn’t get along at all. But there is something between them—and that something is leading to love and an ending neither of them expected!

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