The Buried Secret by Jen Talty (ePUB)

buried secret, jen talty

The Buried Secret (River Winery #2) by Jen Talty – Free eBooks Download


A broken heart that needs mending…
A wounded soul that needs answers…
And a buried secret that could destroy everything…

After years of fighting with her mother, Riesling decides its time to mend fences, even if it means she has to admit her mother was right. Moving back to Candlewood Falls is a big step. Dating her boss is an even bigger one and Riesling’s meddling mother is up to her old tricks, making things difficult, as usual. When another buried secret surfaces on The River Winery it will not only test Riesling and her new relationship, but it might just destroy everything that the River family holds dear.

Doctor Treyton “Trey” Jefferson wants answers as to where he came from and no one seems to be able to tell him that. Not his parents and not the doctor who made the arrangements for the closed adoption because he’s dead. Trey’s only clue is a piece of paper from the doctor with an address that came from The River Winery in Candlewood Falls. Trey will do whatever it takes to find his birth parents, including using his new physician’s assistant, who happens to have a stake in the winery, to obtain information about the doctor who facilitated over thirty adoptions in the area. He has no idea he’s about to unearth a scandal that holds the power to destroy the woman he’s falling in love with and her family’s business.

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