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I NEVER wanted to be a daredevil. Even as the 49-year old adult that I am, I still don’t want to ride a roller coaster or jump out of a perfectly good airplane. And I don’t understand people who want to do those things – even my lifelong best friend.
And yet, here I am, holding a list of daredevil-ish things in my hand at my best friend’s will reading.
I am SO going to get her back for this in the afterlife.
So, my outgoing, adventurous best friend decided to leave me her estate but only if I completed her bucket list. HERS, not mine. And I have to do it before I turn 50 because she didn’t make it to 50.
I don’t know if it’s appropriate to want to kill someone who’s already dead, but I can’t help how I feel.
Still, I want to honor her wishes. And I kind of want that beach house she left me, too.
The next few months will either change my life, or I might join her in heaven if one goes terribly wrong.

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