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boy from half moon, michael robert

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A small town is the perfect place for a religious community to exist. But not all is as it seems behind iron gates, hiding a dark secret at Half Moon ranch. Is the man entrusted to lead the community the person they should fear the most?

At 19, I’m expected to choose a mate. My choice is limited to courting and eventually marrying a girl from within my community because we aren’t allowed to befriend outsiders. Our only exposure to townsfolk are the interactions we have while working at one of our local businesses. It’s there I encounter the type of man not seen in these parts, a man who ignites feelings I’ve never experienced. I had no idea how this man would affect my life.

At 32 and single at the end of a decade long relationship, I found myself in need of a drastic change of scenery, leaving Seattle for a dot-on-the-map town in Central Oregon. Being interested in another man was the last thing on my mind. But within five minutes of my arrival, I meet a stunning young man with a withdrawn demeanor and old-fashioned manners. What is it about this boy that makes me want to open my heart to him after a ten minute encounter?

The Boy from Half Moon is the journey of Tate, a professional from the big city, and Luke, a sheltered young man with little experience of a world he was warned to avoid. When bad things happen, and two different ways of life collide, love seems impossible, but is it?

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