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The Bodyguard (Black Hawke Security #2) by Juliette N. Banks – Free eBooks Download


You’re invited to the wedding of the year . . .

Lurielle didn’t dream of her wedding day as a little girl. Hard to think about a far-off future when she was too busy trying to get through her awkward adolescence at the Elvish club as invisibly as possible. Unlike every other elf she knew, she did not have binders of wedding plans ready to be activated at a moment’s notice.

Now the orc of her dreams is telling her he’s going to build her a bridal fire they can see from space, leaving her unprepared and completely out of her depth. It doesn’t help that the engagement of one of the Cambric Creek elite has gripped the entire town in the throes of wedding mania, and as Khash catches the fever, all Lurielle wants to do is elope.
At least she can count on her friends to help her through the most mortifying highs and lows of dress shopping . . . at least, she thinks she can.
Ris isn’t sure how she managed to get so lucky. Ainsley is everything she wants — her crops are watered, her skin is clear, she’s getting her back blown out weekly, and she’s ready to be the best bridesmaid in the history of matrimony. But when his support system vanishes, the carefree no-strings-attached Ainsley she loves seems to disappear overnight. In his place is an orc who wants more than Ris thinks she’s prepared to give.
It’s hard to focus on someone else’s happily ever after when her own is going through such hard growing pains. Thank the stars Silva is there to help with the wedding planning minutiae . . .
For as long as she could remember, Silva had daydreamed about her dream wedding to the tiniest detail, and now she’s ready for the new future she’s planning — Silva of the Nighttime and the orc of her dreams living their best life together, because nothing is going to stop her from getting what she wants.
Nothing, except for the truth Tate hid from her so thoroughly.
Choosing between what her heart wants and what she needs to do isn’t easy, but as the secret she keeps grows large enough to swallow all of Cambric Creek, Silva doesn’t need to wonder which choice Tate would have her make.
It’s hard to plan someone else’s happily ever after when you don’t believe in them anymore.

Invitations is the third book in the four-book Girls Weekend series, which should be read as a series.

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