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black unicorn, jeremy jenkins

The Black Unicorn by Jeremy Jenkins – Free eBooks Download


The new recruit is argumentative. Pushes boundaries. Challenges authority.
He thinks rules don’t apply to him.
I can’t stand him, but I have to admit I respect the way he stands up to me.
No one ever stands up to me.
He’s arrogant and cocky, but I have to admit I enjoy the verbal sparring. We spar in the ring, too, and I occasionally catch him looking at me a certain way…
But from the way he keeps shamelessly flirting with one of the beautiful female Monster Hunters, I can tell he’s straight.
Doesn’t matter; I didn’t like him like that anyway.
Though, when Alex is snatched from our team by the unbearably attractive Dark Unicorn Hunter — a man I have history with — I’m compelled by a burning desire to rescue him.
I might have to sacrifice everything to make things right.

I’ve never felt passionate about anything, despite the sky-high expectations of my Asian-American parents. According to them, anything short of absolute excellence and coloring within the lines is a complete failure.
Though everything changed the fateful day I was spirited away by a grumpy black guy in strange armor.
Next thing you know, I’m taken to a magical zoo filled with extraordinary creatures — dragons, nymphs, fairies, and more — and learn that it’s my job to capture unicorns for the park. I’m supposed to be able to use magic too, but something’s blocking me.
For the first time in forever, I’m excited about life. And with my stoic captor, Malcolm, by my side, I can’t help but feel a forbidden curiosity swirling under the surface…
He might just be the key to unlocking my magic.

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