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The Bishop (The Holy Trinity Duet #1) by M.E. Clayton – Free eBooks Download


Leonardo Benetti

The youngest of the Benetti Brothers, Leo was the one who got to go to college, get a degree, and not have to change his bloody clothes every other weekend. Intelligent, driven, and loyal, Leo manages the entire Benetti Crime Family’s finances, and his brothers trusted him completely to do just that. And though he wasn’t a ruthless psychopath like his older brother, Luca, or a sadistic killer like his brother, Salvatore, Leo wasn’t a stranger to doing all the things necessary to protect their empire.

Sienna Conti

Life was good, if not bittersweet sometimes. Moving to Morgan City to take care of her dying aunt, Sienna had been able to find a job as a nurse in one of the best hospitals in town and she had managed to carve a nice little life out for herself. And even after her aunt’s passing, Sienna was happy in Morgan City and had planned on putting down roots, even if she did miss her sister in Michigan. With a great job and good friends, Sienna had no complaints and life was looking good.

When a flat tire introduces Sienna to Leonardo Benetti, life starts looking really good. Gorgeous, sexy, charming, and wealthy, Leo is every woman’s dream. However, when Leo doesn’t correct her assumption that he’s simply a successful CEO, Sienna has no idea who she’s gotten in bed with.

Faced with the truth of who she’s been dating for the past month, Sienna has no idea what she’s supposed to do about it, or if she even has a choice in the matter.

Faces with the possibility of losing the only woman he’s ever cared for, everything that makes Leonardo Benetti a Benetti rises to the surface, and nothing will stop him from making Sienna his forever.

NOTE: This book contains sensitive subject matter that may be offensive to some readers. Please do not read if you are sensitive to violence, torture, explicit sexual scenes, or delicate situations.

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