The Billionaires Secret Club Boxset by C.C. Piper (ePUB)

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The Billionaires Secret Club Boxset (The Billionaires Secret Club #1-6) by C.C. Piper – Free eBooks Download


“Do you know what a submissive is, darling?”
For fans of dominant, cocky billionaires! Dive into this 6-book box set. Over 1200 pages of sensual, rich heroes and their employees falling head over heels, each with their own spicy, happily ever after ending. These naughty billionaires will have your Kindle (and windows) steaming up!

Books Included:

My needs are different. Dark. I need a very special woman to fulfill my twisted desires.
When I’m invited to a lustful new club for rich men like me, I meet the Wish Maker. She promises to deliver a gorgeous, willing submissive for me to keep at my side like a beautiful collector’s item.
Chrissy seems perfect. Untainted, innocent, and ready to be claimed by me. I’m the darkly protective, quiet billionaire who’s ready to sweep her off her feet.
It was meant to be a business deal. A transaction. I’m a lawyer after all and I do this as a business… But I never bargained for sweet Chrissy to charm me the way she has.

I don’t trust a soul. But I want this girl – the one on the cover of the tabloids. And I know just the person to get me my new toy…
After my ex betrayed me, I’ve learned to treat women as objects. But this one’s different. When I spot Rachel on the cover of a trashy magazine, I arrange to have her kidnapped and brought to me.
Not because I’m a good man. Because I want to break the socialite’s heart and add another name to my list of broken hearts.
But Rachel is nothing like my bitter ex who tried her best to ruin my life. She doesn’t deserve this and what I’m doing to her is wrong… There’s no fixing me though. My ex tried and failed when she backstabbed me.
Now that Rachel is my captive, I can do whatever I want to the gorgeous, redheaded daddy’s girl. My money paid for it all. Except now I don’t want to hurt her like I did with all the others.

We were high school sweethearts. Now, she’s my escort. And she has kept a secret for almost five years…
When I see the one that got away, Roxy, at a club for billionaires like me, it makes me want her back. After we went our separate ways, she didn’t want to reconnect. But now, I hold the power.
I use my connections to get closer to her. I never knew Roxy kept a secret from me. And when I look that secret in her eyes, I know what I must do.
But my billionaire family threatens to get in the way again. With secrets left to be uncovered, I also have to figure out if Roxy truly wants me to be the father figure for our daughter…
Or if she’s just after my money.

I got married on a whim in Vegas. She was gorgeous, the opposite of boring. She was also a damn liar…
The day after the wedding, my blushing bride Emma was gone along with all my money. I track her down using an escort club and soon realize the money is gone.
She tells me a sad story about her brother owing money to loan sharks because of his gambling and drug problems. I came up with the solution – work off her debt through the club, by spending time with me.
But the more time we spend together, the more our chemistry blossoms. There’s hope for something here, for love – but there are so many obstacles I don’t know if we’ll ever find our happily ever after.
I messed it all up. Now it’s on me to save this marriage, and save Emma, too.


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